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The metaverse for content creators, freelancers and entrepreneurs, where they can make money and feel like playing.

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Meta Studio for Creators

How it works?

We are creating a metaverse where you can make money while playing. You can become a content creator, streamer, freelancer or business owner.

MetaStudio is the virtual universe where one can create and sell content, develop meaningful interactions, build a business and make money while feeling like playing.

Meta Studio Metaverrse

Key Features

  • Create your own specific amazing avatar or use your real “face”;
  • Creating a business from scratch;
  • Buy land;
  • Build production studios, furnish;
  • Supply production services;
  • Produce and sell NFT content or live stream in public or private sessions on any niche, independent or working with a studio;
  • Earn money and grow your business;
  • Provide services such as marketing, affiliate, production and any other;
  • You can create a business in a seamless way, run and sell it;
  • You can be an entrepreneur or freelancer;
  • You can just enjoy Meta Studio for free or buy content you like.
Meta Studio Streaming

Meta Studio for investors

Established and upcoming brands alike are rushing to get into the metaverse, but most activity so far is centered around real estate and retail. Meta Studio is a classic example of a ‘blue ocean’ business opportunity, being the online metaverse space for creators that allows them to do business in this new digital space. This makes Meta Studio an unique opportunity for early stage investors and creators alike, so hurry to be among the first to join in and claim your metaverse business space!

You can also check out our One Pager for investment opportunity details.

Meta Studio Metaverse Graphic

What is the METAS Token?

METAS is an Utility Token that will power Meta Studio and the Metaverse we build for you. Built on Polygon 1 (MATIC) technology, it is fast, easy and cheap, allowing you to use multi-coin wallets.

We are the business bridge for a new generation in between the Web2 to the Web3, allowing everyone to make business, create and sell content in a decentralized and fun environment. Everything will be NFT-based so you can buy, rent, or sell under complete safety and anonymity of the SmartContract.

Meta Studio Business metaverse

Distribution of tokens

  • Initial Token Sale 0 in 3 stages (Seed/Corporate, Private investors and PreSales on WL for Community, Public) - 30%

  • Future Developments - 20%

  • Stacking Reward - 10%

  • Incentive (Bounty, Give away, etc) - 5%

  • Referral System (Incentives) - 5%

  • Teams & Founders (12 months vesting) - 5%

  • Advisory Board (12 months vesting) - 5%

  • Company Reserve (12 months vesting) - 20%

Use of token sale funds

  • Product Development - 60%

  • Marketing - 10%

  • Operational - 10%

  • Legal - 5%

  • Exchanges Listing - 10%

  • Unexpected - 5%


Q2 2022
Content: text, banners, how to videos;
3D Animation Product Introduction Video;
Social Media and Communities (Discord and Telegram);
Investor Pitch;
Project Technical Setup (KYC, legal, etc);
Building partnerships;
Create and launch Marketing plan;
Create Product Roadmap;
Start building community;
Smart Contract Development;
Listing on Coinmarketcap;
Q3 2022
Start pitching investors;
Product Development;
Marketing Campaign Start;
Token Incentives;
Audit of Smart Contract (Quantstamp);
Whitelist and private sales;
Prepare the ICO;
Platforms listing negotiation;
Q4 2022
Token Distribution;
Stacking Rewards Start;
Platforms / Exchange Listing;
S2 2023
Prototype and Screen on Meta Studio Metaverse;
Meta Studio First NFT Collection on Sale;
Free Land Registration for token owners;
Marketing Campaign;
Acquisition Strategy;
Launch MVP;
Private Testing;
Organizing contest;
Launch of private key features;
Meta Studio V1 Launch;

Our motivated team

  • Adrian Niculescu


    Adrian Niculescu


  • Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti


    Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti


  • Miriam Cihodariu


    Miriam Cihodariu


  • Corina Mandru


    Corina Mandru


  • Fabien Arnedo

    Head of Partnerships

    Fabien Arnedo

    Head of Partnerships

  • Blockchain XDev

    CTO & Development

    Blockchain XDev

    CTO & Development

Our Advisory Board

Legal: Meta Studio and METAS Token are developed and operated by Meta Studio Land AG Switzerland. We have obtained clear status as Utility Token with and we are legally allowed to transaction METAS.

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