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The Creators market is the Fastest Growing Digital Market in the last 3 years. Estimated at 250 billion US$ in 2022, is expected to grow towards 500 billion US$ in 2027 (source: Goldman Sachs).

After researching over 10,000 Content Creators / Influencers, they told us their main issues today are:

META STUDIO will help content creators and their audience solve all these problems by functioning as a full DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

creators abused by big tech


We are creating a mobile app where you can sell your content in full privacy, retain ownership, receive all the profit and make decisions with your peers. You can become a content creator, streamer, coach or any kind of freelancer selling live or recorded digital content. You can sell individual products, services or streamings but you can also sell complex packages and subscriptions including text, video, live training and anything you can think of.

metaverse for content creators

Full DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

This means you and the other creators, users, investors, all $METAS holders will decide by democratic vote on all aspects of the platform governance, from setting up rules to implementing them, what directions will the platform evolve in the future, how to manage finances and so on.

dao for content creators
ownership rights for creators

All Your Creations

are 100% Your Property even if you upload and sell them through Meta Studio. No more “Once you upload we get the right to …” like today’s platforms.

Full Privacy

You sign up using your desired certified wallet and you can start ASAP with no personal date required, no questions asked.

privacy for content creators
low fees for content sale and streaming

No Platform "Fees"

100% of the Income You Produce is Yours (after a transparent deduction of platform costs divided equal and proportional to all content creators). No more “Fees”, just transparent costs You can vote about.


Because Meta Studio is Built on Blockchain and Based on Smart Contracts, All User Interactions are Safe. You are 100% sure to get paid when you sell and 100% sure to receive what you paid for when you buy.
metaverse safety
METAS token


$METAS is a BNB-based Utility Token that will power Meta Studio and the mobile app we build for you. . It is fast, easy and cheap, allowing you to use multi-coin wallets and buy / sell instantly with minimal costs.

We are the business bridge for a new generation in between the Web2 to the Web3, allowing everyone to create and sell content in a decentralized and fun environment. Everything is based on Smart Contracts and NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) so you can buy, rent, or sell under complete safety and anonymity.

We believe “the Metaverse” in the immersive version is still years away from mass market, therefore our app will not include yet VR headsets or 3D avatars (they will come later on), we will focus on solving the real problems of the contract creators fast, using today’s WEB3 available technology and building a working platform for everyone to access.

$METAS was certified as SECURE by one of the leading WEB3 Security Companies, Quantstamp, who also certified security for companies like VISA, Binance, Solana,, Revolut, the Sandbox, Decentraland and even the Government of Dubai.


Established and upcoming brands alike are rushing to get into “the Metaverse” and “WEB3”, but most activity so far is far from being used by masses. Meta Studio is a classic example of a ‘blue ocean’ business opportunity, being the mobile app for creators that allows them to do better business in this new digital space. This makes $METAS a unique opportunity for early stage investors as it addresses a market of over 500 million “passion economy users” and their fans (source: Linktree).

meta studio for investors

We are aware the full immersive Metaverses with interoperability are still years away and mass adoption of VR / AR will not happen soon, therefore we plan to release as a mobile app version to answer the creator’s needs today, which are not connected to VR but to Decentralization, Profit sharing and Privacy, and also allow us to provide ROI to investors and grow user base, while we work in background on the immersive future version of MetaStudio.

Distribution of tokens

Alocation of Funds






Our founding team has over 10 years of experience working with content creators and influencers, has never launched any tokens before and is here to build a long-term platform addressing the real needs of it’s users.

Adrian Niculescu


Robert Meta Studio

Robert Vanderty

Creator Manager

Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti

Founder and CEO

Ioana Meta Studio

Ioana Oblu

Community Manager

Fabien Arnedo

Marketing and Partnerships

Max MetaStudio

Max Kuznetsov



Daven Michaels

Reuben Godfrey

Richard Trummer

Vladimir Denis

Guillaume Micouin

Richard M Holmes





We believe in full transparency, because this is a fundamental value of WEB3. Everyone, including YOU can see what we build and test the latest version of MetaStudio mobile app:

If you discover and send us a real technical or security issue or a new feature that gets implemented in the app, you will also receive a 10,000 METAS reward!